As of May 2015 Pacific Lodge started providing Wraparound Services to selected Probation youth and their families. Wraparound is a prevention measure designed to avoid out-of-the-home placement by “wrapping” services around each client’s entire family.

Sometimes, families with complex problems are isolated from familial relationships that may have been damaged due to drug or alcohol abuse, violence, or other violations of trust. These relationships may need repair. Wraparound services can help parents and their children to recognize and build on existing supportive relationships and to develop helpful new ones.

The Lodge has been awarded 34 Wraparound clients and their families. We started our program this May with two Wraparound teams in the field working with 14 families. We now expect to have our third and final four-member “Child and Family Team” in the field by September serving a total of 34 families. Each team consists of a Facilitator, a Therapist, a Child and Family Specialist and a Parent Partner. Each member of the Child and Family Team shares the responsibility of providing services to the client and his family. In a variety of community and/or treatment settings, including each family’s home, the Facilitator coordinates services with an understanding of the complexity of each family. In addition to providing facilitation to support and enhance the efforts of youth and their families/caregivers, as well as the Wraparound team, the facilitator provides assessment and case management services.

The Child and Family Specialist maintains an average caseload of 6 to 12 families, providing one-on-one interactions with each client. The CFS promotes family independence and self-sufficiency by assisting the youth in completing activities, encouraging independent living skills, positive communication and socialization, and orienting the youth toward socially acceptable activities in the community. The CFS also teaches new skills and provides the youth with transportation for academic, social, recreational, and/or employment activities.

An integral part of the team, the Wraparound Therapist is responsible for the overall clinical management of a designated caseload. The therapist renders individual and family therapy and makes necessary referrals for other clinical services a client might need.

Parent Partners utilize their personal and professional life experiences to provide peer support to parents and caregivers served by the Wraparound Program, helping them to successfully engage with the Wraparound process and staff. A Parent Partner also accesses community-based resources and provides an interface with DCFS, DMH, court systems, schools, health care providers and other community liaisons.

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