Board of Directors & Senior Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Sil Orlando

President: Malak Kazan, H.R. Professional
Vice President: Dennis Andolsek, New Truck Sales
Vice President: Steven  Duben, Accountant
Vice President: Leslie King, Corporate CEO
Treasurer: Leland Lau, Certified Public Accountant
Secretary: Linda McWeeney, Admin. Assistant/bookkeeper

Larry Brown, Commercial Real Estate Mgmt.
Deborah Kent Clark, Corporate CEO
Sumako Cohrs
, Chef
Pamela Duben, Retired Staff Assistant to County Supervisor
Jack Evans, Businessman
Sheriff Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
Carol Morack, Retired
Linnie Murphy,
Richard Niederberg, Esq., Attorney
Michael Seibert, Attorney
Carolyn Sievers, Senior Business Analyst
Ron Villachica, Semi-Retired Business Owner
Lenna Welling, PSW Representative

Immediate Past Presidents
Dee Gadbury
, Advertising Business
Bill Snyder, Retired, Computer/Software Engineering

Past Presidents (non-voting)
Terry McWeeney, Retired Police Officer
Scott Graham
, Businessman
Andrew Lloyd, Attorney
Eugene McGrath, General Contractor
Gerrie O’Meara, Retired Professional Paralegal
Tom Spiel, Franchise Owner
Ona Wexler, Retired Financial Planner
Scott Williams, Attorney

Senior Staff
Euna Ra-Smith, Division Director
Sami Raboubi, Residential Director
Gina Leggio, Mental Health Director

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