Monthly Archives: February 2016

Field Trip to RM Automotive

We would like to extend a big thank you to RM Automotive for hosting a shop visit for our boys! First, the residents were given an opportunity to meet industry professionals and learn about the wide range of career options in the automotive world. The boys then participated in hands on demonstrations and got a feel for what it is like to be in a real working shop. The visit was both educational and enjoyable. Thank you again for the wonderfully warm welcome and the goody bags that we received.




Getty Villa

Field trips are important components of our Therapeutic Activities & Enrichment Program offering PLYS youth once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences. Our boys have recently visited the Getty Villa and explored the arts and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. From the gardens to the architecture, the boys enjoyed this wonderful outing. They even spent a whole hour in the shadow-pose area while putting on several heroic plays. Thank you to the Getty Villa and to our staff for making this outing possible.


Volunteer Recognition at LA Council Meeting

Pacific Lodge takes great pride in the many volunteers who contribute time, talent and expertise to PL clients. Thanks to Councilmember Bob Blumenfield for honoring our Bike Program volunteer Steve Musnicky’s service to our community. We are truly grateful to Steve for the time and dedication he gives to the residents of the Lodge to provide vocation training in bicycle maintenance and repair. The work that Steve has done for the community and our boys has been monumental.



Escape Room

Can you solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to escape a room in less than 40 minutes? Thanks to Mobile Escape Room LA the boys were able to participate in this thrilling puzzle adventure! In groups of 5, the boys hopped on the escape bus and tried to figure out how to locate clues to be able to get out. We are grateful to Mobile Escape Room LA for driving to the Lodge and allowing the boys to participate in this creative and fun activity.


Cooking Class

We had an amazing pizza party with our volunteer David Bassani. The boys were able to make their own pizzas by dicing vegetables, tossing dough and arranging toppings. The pizzas turned out perfect!IMG_3670


Improv Class

On Monday, the boys at the Lodge were able to participate in an improv class taught by actor Eugene Glazer who stopped by to introduce improv techniques to the residents. For a full hour, the boys were able to participate in made up scenarios that required them to improvise and think on their feet. We are truly grateful to Eugene for taking the time to teach the boys new ways to use their imagination and get creative as well as educate them on theatrical techniques.



Pasta Night with Allheart

Thanks to Allheart for organizing a Pasta Night at the Lodge! The boys enjoyed learning how to make fresh pasta and couldn’t wait to taste their hard work. The pasta making session was followed by delicious cupcakes and fun board games!