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Day of Service Offered by Complete Health Dentistry

Pacific Lodge Youth Services was pleased to announce a Day of Service on Wednesday, April 29th.  This day, made possible through a partnership with Complete Health Dentistry, provided dental exams and procedures to The Lodge’s residents, outpatient clients and families, all of whom had already been pre-screened in preparation for the event.  Dr. Bruce F. Beard and Dr. Manny Fernandez and their highly-trained team not only provided a day of free-of-charge dental procedures, they also evaluated each patient for signs of conditions such as oral cancer, TMJ, and oral airway sleep apnea, among others.

Complete Health Dentistry of Woodland Hills specializes in addressing the importance of oral health as it relates to whole body health, by exploring what they call the “oral-systemic connection”.  Like all dentists, Dr. Beard and Dr. Fernandez look to find and treat infections, plaque build-up, tooth loss and gum disease.  However, they also know that these issues can be just the start of patient’s problems.  Bacteria in the mouth can enter the blood stream and create inflammatory issues throughout the body.  Poor oral health can therefore lead to such serious problems as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and strokes.

“We are thrilled by this opportunity to collaborate with Complete Health Dentistry on a Day of Service,” says Pacific Lodge’s CEO Jay Bechtol.  “This partnership allows The Lodge’s clients to receive dental work, health needs examination and support, as well as the opportunity to determine the best course of treatment going forward.”

The April 29th Day of Service is just one part of The Lodge’s holistic approach to caring for all aspects of our young clients’ lives and we are grateful to Complete Health Dentistry for helping to make it possible.

A message from Dr. Bruce Beard and Dr. Manny Fernandez. “Our team is proud to donate “A Day of Free Dentistry” on April 29th for Pacific Lodge Youth Services as well as the Valley Women’s Center.  We are honored to give back to the community that supports us”.

Complete Health Dentistry is located at 22600 Ventura Blvd., Suite 204 in Woodland Hills, California. They can be reached at 818-225-0046 or Dentistry from the Heart

Baseball Clinic and Softball Game with LAPD Officers

In an effort to bring the community, youth and law enforcement together and promote a healthy lifestyle, Pacific Lodge and Los Angeles Police Officers organized a fun event for PLYS residents on April 25th, 2015. The day started with an interactive baseball clinic and an obstacle course where LAPD Officers provided some helpful tips to the residents to help them improve their current skills and learn advanced baseball techniques. PLYS youth and staff played softball with LAPD Officers and enjoyed delicious lunch afterwards.


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Alumni Event

Staying in touch is an essential part of the PLYS experience! Thank you to our caring Alumni from 1954, 1980, 2002, 2006 and 2009 for showing their love and support for PLYS on Saturday. It was a touching day for both the current and former residents who shared their experiences and enjoyed an exciting basketball game that highlighted the importance of teamwork and support!

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All Star Basketball Game

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department All Star team played a basketball game with Pacific Lodge and the Brokers Corporate League teams on Saturday, April 11.  The basketball game lasted for an hour and was followed by a barbecue lunch provided by the staff at Huntington Culinary.  Pacific Lodge is happy to collaborate with LA Sheriff’s Department and extends a warm thanks to all the participants.

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Rotary Day of Service

As part of the Rotary Day of Service, Rotary Club of Woodland Hills and PLYS residents came together to lend a helping hand to the hungry and homeless men, women and children in the Valley. We deeply value our partnership and are grateful to the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills for touching so many lives at the Lodge and in the community!

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Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, our young men did presentations on key women who demonstrated their commitment and courage as political and community leaders, mothers, educators, relief workers and institution builders. Presentations like these encourage our residents to recognize historical women role models and respect the diversity and depth of women’s  experience.